4 Minutes Later return with a New Song for the Summer

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Anonymous pop group, 4 Minutes Later are back with their first single since their debut EP was released last year. Think About Us is an upbeat song for the summer about that “I’ll wait for you” kind of love. They’ve kept the electronic slightly synthetic vibes that we know and love from 4ML, but have injected something fresh and new with this single!

Think About Us captures a story that I’m sure we can all relate to, waiting around for that person you love, willing to go back to them, no matter how far you drift apart. The single reminds me of the now slightly retro music I spent my early teenage years listening to, love songs before life got complicated. On first listen, the emotions behind the song reminded me of 2010 Taylor Swift and first album 5SOS – music to dance to, cry to and fall in (and out of) love to. However, 4ML have brought this youthful pop anthem up to date with a sound that feels mature and unique. Especially with the current state of the world this feels like a song to bring back memories with lyrics reminiscent of simpler times. 

You can listen to Think About Us here:

You can check out 4 Minutes Later on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check out the recent interview I did with them here!