The Hara Continue to Push Boundaries with New Rock Single: Circus 🎪

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Circus is the first single since The Hara released the We Are The Movement EP back in March, an EP that saw massive success, reaching Number 1 on the iTunes Rock Album Charts! The single has been repeatedly referred to as the movie sequel of FYI, the first single off their last EP, by the band and indeed it does share the same feisty energy and political undertones. However, this song definitely does not fall into the trap of being a disappointing money-grabbing movie sequel, it is more of a two-part 5* thriller.

A clip of the single was initially teased on the band’s social medias back in March, and was soon followed by an acoustic piano cover by Josh Taylor, lead singer. In the time between this and the single announcement on the 14th May excitement grew online as more circus and clown emojis appeared on the lad’s tweets and fans knew something new was coming. The sound and style of The Hara’s music has hugely developed over the time since their first EP, No Regrets (2018), and with this single it feels as if The Hara have settled into their slightly eclectic, punk rock sound-world.

Circus was written at the time of the Australian bush fires and explores the chaos of the world that Josh Taylor says has “gone mad”. The sound feels like the lovechild of The Hunna, Muse and Panic! At the Disco with a massive dose of The Hara grit and energy. The song has already proved popular, with fans taking to twitter to post their appreciation for the track and a fair few clown make up looks, Circus even hit Top 5 on the iTunes Rock charts!

The Hara went live on Instagram for the hour running up to the release of Circus, telling stories about their old songs, dancing around in the usual mad fashion we have got to know from the band, and featuring a great Arctic Monkeys impression from Zack (lead guitar). As they hyped up the release of Circus with the two hundred plus fans that joined the live, Jack Kennedy (drums) leaked that we may be getting a brand new EP by the time they tour in November. We can continue to expect big things from this band.

Check out The Hara on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and take a listen to their new single Circus below: