Myriad share Mental Health campaign and New Single ‘I Walk’

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TW: This article and the song mentions themes that may be distressing to readers – if you’re struggling or feeling low please reach out to someone, you can call Samaritans on 116 123, you are not alone.

I Walk is the latest single by Southampton based band, Myriad. Within the last few years, the band have created a buzz around themselves, with multiple radio features and sold out shows.  I Walk tells the story of loss, pain and coming to terms with suicide, not easy topics to address with a song, but Myriad do with understanding, compassion, and hope. 

The song is based on the experiences of David, the lead singer of the band. His primary school teacher who first recognised his musical talent took his own life, David describes the song as “a way of making things feel a little better.” The reflective lyrics, combined with upbeat guitar riffs creates a sound that is both poignant and optimistic, a song that accepts the past but also looks to the future. Myriad are using their platform to be a place of positivity, especially during the current pandemic.

The band recently premiered the music video for I Walk, a combination of woodland scenes and nature and clips from the stories of people who live with the challenges of mental health and the affects of suicide. There are so many intertwined story lines in the video that it is difficult to quite understand each individual one, but that in itself helps Myriad put across the point they are making, everyone deals with mental health differently and every story is complex and different – I think the video reflects this beautifully.

There has been an amazing reaction to the video from fans, commenting on how proud they are and how beautiful the song is – I have to wholeheartedly agree! You can find Myriad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or check out their other music below

The single release is accompanied by a mental health campaign, where they are raising money for Solent Mind: