lockdown loft with Wild Front

Wild Front are a four piece indie band from the South Coast. Having all grown up with different musical influences the music they create is a unique blend of folk, guitar pop and rock. I had the opportunity to ask them about their new music, and how they’re surviving isolation.

How’s lockdown treating you?
It certainly hasn’t come without its challenges! We’ve all lost a lot of work but are so grateful for all the incredible schemes that are in place and support we’ve had. We all still have our health too so we consider ourselves very lucky! We’re just trying to use the time as positively as possible and are being very creative and productive which feels good.

What inspired your latest release, Two? And was it any different releasing it whilst in lockdown than in normal life?
Two is about battling with mental health and the different ways some of us cope with that. A lot of our new material we have coming out has a focus on these ideas. Its something that has effected all of us and we feel quite strongly about. We definitely saw it as a good time to release music as a lot of people are sat on social media at the moment.  Its also been harder to limit how much time you spend on social media though. Its very easy to want to keep checking in on how everything going down. But its been good to learn how to balance that.

Self isolation is making the world seem a bit more drab than it is normally, so I thought we could liven it up a little with a game!

Look at the pictures and write down the first song you think of!


I have no idea why, but Settle Down by Kimbra popped into my head…

Wooden Boat – Take That (Absolute Banger)

Pretty Great – Fickle Friends


Heroine – Gengahr

Never Fight A Man With A Perm – Idles 

Write a line of a song using:

The last thing you googled:
“All I wanna know is if maida flour is okay to make cookies with”

An object to the left of you right now:
“I need some new glasses cause I can’t see a fucking thing”

Using either the word Covid19 or lockdown:
“Lockdown lockdown nah nah nah I’ll stay in lockdown” 

Thanks for being such good sports!
You can (and should) check out Wild Front on their socials, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

They’re new single Two has been featured on the Spotify Alternative Pop playlist here:

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