lockdown loft with The One Eyed General’s Bandit

The One Eyed General’s Bandit: a trio from Manchester creating bluesy music, with a rock and roll twist.

Back in March The One Eyed General’s Bandit kicked off 2020 with the release of their latest single, Feed, following the release of An Offer I Still Refuse last year. After lockdown was put in place I caught with them about how they’re getting on with self isolation as well chatting about the inspiration behind the single!

What is the story behind your band name?
It came out of nowhere really, we were chucking a few ideas around and kind of squashed a few of them in to one. Thought it was a bit reminiscent of an old western and on the most part people hated it, which made us want to keep it. Some have pointed out the relation to something else, says more about them though.

You’ve released a new single recently, Feed, what was the inspiration behind the song?
Working shit jobs, the type of jobs where you’re expected to live and breathe someone else’s agenda in order to do well. Going along with the stuff you don’t agree with and not actually doing anything to change it.

How would you sum up ‘Feed’ in a picture, GIF or doodle?
It’d have to be the artwork, its by artist and honorary 4th member Andy Mckay, he deserves the shout out.

It’s so difficult at the moment for smaller bands in the music scene, is there anyone you want to shout out for readers to check out?
Jace Campbell, he’s played with us a few times. He’s got some great tunes and is getting better every time we hear him. One to watch. Also our pal Scott Lloyd, new stuff in the pipeline and plenty of music online to check out.  Three From Above from Liverpool too, they were due to play with us last month. We’ll be rearranging that one, great band. 

The 8th photo in your camera roll describes self isolation for you so far! How is it going?

What are your top three song/artist recommendations for lockdown?
The last song each of us listened to:
– Hank Locklin – A good womans love
– The Who – Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
– Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

Finally, what can we expect from TOEGB throughout lockdown, and after this is all over?
Like everyone else the gigs are postponed but we’ve got 2 more songs recorded, mastered and ready for release, expect those over the coming months. The previews have been positive, watch this space…

You can check out The One Eyed General’s Bandit on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram! And listen to their music and watch out for future releases over on their Spotify!

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