The Radar: background, influences and new music!

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After the successful release of their debut single “Grey Lights”  and a packed out headline show at The Joiners, The Radar are working hard over lockdown to connect with fans and other creatives. They are doing weekly Friday night live streams in collaboration with other artists and putting out acoustic versions of new songs! I had a chance to catch up with the band to learn a bit more about them and the music they have coming soon… 

First off, What inspired you to get into music and form as a band?
We want to play shows and make music, making a career out of what we want to do!

You’re quite a young band,  has this affected your progression in the music industry?
We feel like if we start young we will have more of a head start compared to other bands. We headlined The Joiners (Southampton’s most iconic venue) at 15/16 years old and smashed it so we feel it’s never to young to start.

Who are your biggest influences as a band?
For me as the lead guitarist , Ian Curtis of Joy Division, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance, Matt Bellamy of Muse.

What’s your writing process like? What comes first?
I think it depends on the song. Within the band we definitely have more chord progressions and riffs come first, but we have had special cases where the song has particular meaning and the lyrics come first.

You have a new song coming soon! Can you tell us a bit more about it and what we can expect?
We do have a new song coming soon and we cannot wait to put it out to our fans! We put out our single “Grey Lights” with now over 4000 streams and it went down a storm. Over this hard time we have been working so hard bringing Paolo Nutini and a bit of Rock n Roll vibes together and we’re so exited to see the reaction. The song is all about finding someone new who makes you feel special and be the best YOU. It’s a feel good song and I can’t wait to hear everyone play it and hopefully enjoy it!

You’re cooking dinner, what’s your go to meal?
If i was cooking dinner my go to meal would be lasagne as it tastes amazing and it’s really fun to cook.

Solid choice! Finally, where do you hope to see yourselves in five years time?
In five years time I hope to see us still playing music together, performing together and improving as musicians as well as a band and as people. Would just be nice to see us grow into more mature and skilled players.

You can find The Radar over on Instagram and Facebook and give them a follow on Spotify!