The Hara scream real not FAKE – Blue Tick Souvenir.

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After the successful release of their first single, F*ck Your Ideology off their upcoming EP ‘We Are The Movement’, a feisty cry against the government (coincidentally released the night of the election….) this week The Hara released the second single, Blue Tick Souvenir. 

It is clear that the new EP is going to show off a new sound from The Hara, one that feels truly like them, and one that seems to have been developing through the journey of their previous EPs. FYI showed a band that are not afraid to use their art to fight the system, a theme that is continued through BTS; and this song is art, cleverly intertwined music and lyrics, every word channelling their message. Blue Tick Souvenir is an out pour against how fake celebrity status has become, with their overnight fame and “blue tick souvenirs”.  

The song begins with a simple chord progression on piano, at this point the listener is unsure whether we’re about to need our flashlights and the entry of an acoustic guitar, but instead what we’re met with is Josh’s (lead singer) raw voice, striking as ever, singing lyrics that haven’t been glammed up to impress. We’re getting true and honest Hara energy in this song. 

The angry cry of the pre-chorus, sees more voices join in:

What are we looking for?
When being famous matters more?

Lyrics cut right through dirty guitar lines and driving drum beats and fills. The Hara have truly excelled, not only in the message of the song but also in the professional sounding production of the music – this is a song that could very easily be imagined in sold out, huge venues. They’ve been clever too, a very autotuned Josh singing “the irony is that I’m writing pop songs to get plays on radio 1” conveys a beautifully cynical message in one simple line – trust me listen to it. There is the usual Hara energy, this is a song that will make a crowd go crazy (and if you want to be part of it check out their tour dates!)

The Hara seem angry, and I wouldn’t get in their way if I were you. 

Listen to Blue Tick Souvenir here, and whilst you’re there pre-order We Are The Movement.