The Hara @ Trinity Centre Bristol

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The Hara played a crazy penultimate show of the Tramp Brain Tour in Bristol last month. A four date tour back in October became a seven date one, after expanding to include Guildford in November, and then Bristol and Leeds in January. The Hara were touring their last EP, Tramp Brain, featuring title single, Tramp Brain, Burning Out,  All Fired Up, Dynamite and Dirty Little Monster.

After seeing the boys twice, in Birmingham, it was a great experience to see them at a different venue. Trinity Bristol is a converted church, and grade II listed building, converted inside to be a community space and concert venue. It was a lovely mix of heritage and modernism, and it seemed quite quirky which suited The Hara’s vibe.

I got the chance to meet and chat with them, and as always they were absolutely lovely. There was no barrier at the venue, which gave the gig a really intimate feeling; the front row fans (me included) within inches of the bands. 

The night started off with a short set from RISCAS, a band that describe their music as “tropical indie” and have new music on the way! They were engaging and managed to somehow fuse music that you could imagine listening to Piña Colada in hand, and music you’d listen to in a local indie bar – and it was effective, and got everyone dancing, and grinning at their cheery, slightly cheeky youthful energy on stage, they have headline gigs coming up in London and Birmingham in May which you can check out here.

Next up were The Covasettes, having supported The Hara on previous tour dates they were slightly better known by the crowd, and kept up the fiery energy created by RISCAS. They owned the stage with their grungey tracks which really caught the audience’s attention.

As always, The Hara gave a chaotic and energetic concert, front man Josh combining excellently choreographed stage craft, with improvised craziness: throwing mic stands, standing on chairs, and jumping into the screaming crowd. The Hara have definitely built up an image over the last few tours, appearing with striking makeup and personalised outfits, the band managed to create an atmosphere which was not just a gig, it felt like something more, you entered a space, a bubble maybe, that was hard to leave behind. 

The setlist combined old with new. Classics such as Firestorm and Lost, combined with the first live performance of new single FYI from unreleased EP We Are The Movement. The crowd’s energy combined with the madness on stage made for a memorable and crazy night. I would definitely recommend.

You can follow them on their socials @TheHaraBand where you can preorder their next EP WATM, and buy tour tickets!!