The Brand New EP from Wild Front, The Great Indoors.


The intro, ‘Is This the Intro?’ excited me, the looped, electronified and incessant voice of ‘is this the future’ simultaneously reminded me of the use of speech in tracks by The 1975, and took me back to the suspense driving, spoken intros that are often used at live gigs. This combined with building textures and harmony, and a soloing saxophone make for a fresh introduction to the EP’s sound, and is followed very neatly by the second track, ‘Future’

Future brings the indie rock vibes to the EP, with a more guitar-driven, upbeat track. Wild Front again show their skill with genre-blending, with the blaring saxophone solo towards the end reminiscent of a jazz club. 

Talking about the EP as a whole, Wild Front said, The Great Indoors is, in some way, our version of processing the thoughts and emotions we’ve encountered over the past year; written during times of grief, anxiety, highs and lows, and a hugely divisive UK general election and Brexit campaign.” Going on to talk about how the music in the current climate has “ended up being more relevant than [they] could have ever imagined.”


The EP continues with the anthemic track, Geometric Heart, one of my personal favourites. The upbeat and catchy track feels like an ode to old-school The 1975, especially with the almost gospel choir inflexions towards the end of the track. Throughout the EP, Wild Front show their skill in creating atmospheric, passionate and exploratory instrumentals, a nod to their varied musical backgrounds.

On Dreams, the next song on The Great Indoors, Josh (drummer) shares “it came about from this idea of longing to be with someone so much that sleeping is the only escape from that emotion. For me personally, it’s about distance and loneliness, although it encompasses a whole feeling of needing to escape to a different reality, or losing yourself in your own imagined world.” Dreams is a song that will definitely have a massive impact live, with huge builds and contrasts and a chorus that won’t fail to get stuck in your head.

Next on the EP is latest single, Selhurst Park a raw and reminiscent track full of nostalgia and emotion – opening with the striking lyrics “I would peel off my skin just to feel yours again”. Selhurst Park feels like a journey away from the previous two lighter tracks with gritty lyrics and harmony with growing rocky inflexions throughout the song.

The Great Indoors closes with Two, the first single they released from the EP, described as a song about “battling mental health and the different ways some of us cope with that”. It’s upbeat and infectious indie pop, with a good helping of guitar solos, and lyrics to leave you looking forward “we’re still hoping for a better life as we sit here in the rubble and the dust.”

You can find Wild Front on their socials, over on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, and make sure to check out their brand new EP, The Great Indoors on Spotify below.