Interview: In Conversation with SPRINGS

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Springs are a four-piece band making an impact in the Birmingham music scene. Although dubbed an ‘indie’ band, they refuse to be put in a box with their genre, taking influence from rock, metal, electronica and in some cases jazz. 

The band originally formed out of BIMM Birmingham, releasing their debut single Free After Party in November before going on to release Uncool, earlier than planned due to Covid, in March. Springs have been making up for lost gigs by putting out lockdown sessions on their YouTube and I got the chance to catch up with them to learn a little more about the band and what they’re up to over lockdown. 

Hey! First off, who are your biggest influences as a band?

 Didds: For me, stage presence wise, I love Matty Healy from the 1975 and Cole Becker from SWMRS. Their stage presence combined has really inspired me as a frontman, and how to sing and present myself. As a songwriter, I take a lot of influence from The Smiths. The whole “pop song in a major key, but it’s drowning and the lyrics are so dark.” Like Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. Just so inspiring.

Joe: Avenged Sevenfold for me as a guitarist, their guitarist Synyster Gates is, in my opinion, one of the top technical players in the world, but he also has an insane musical knowledge as he’s a jazz player in a metal band. I take influence from him as I try and bring jazz to my parts in Springs.

Harris: Tre Cool for me influences me as a drummer, he plays to the song which I like in a drummer. It’s like Ringo, it’s simple but it’s so good for the song. Having simplistic drums with amazing fills, like in Jesus Of Suburbia, I try and bring that to every springs song.

And how would you describe your sound/style in 3 words?

Didds: Drowning, Emo, Pop

Joe: Jazz isn’t dead

Harris: Emo, Punk, Indie

From all of us: Definitely not Indie

The impacts of Covid-19 have been felt by everyone in the music industry. How have you found being a band and working on new music during lockdown? 

Didds: For us, songwriting always starts on a computer, so it hasn’t changed much. What we are missing is actually being in a room and feeling the song. Us feeling the songs and the emotion behind it is what makes a springs’ song.

Joe: So easy. The internet is the same as a practice room.

Harris: We have a laugh with it, so online on Zoom or in a practice room, it works the same.

So, what does life look like for you at the moment?

Didds: I took lockdown really hard. I had really bad anxiety about being inside all day and it hit me really hard. But working on Springs and everything surrounding it really helped. And being on calls with the boys all the time working on music helped.

Joe: Fuck all man. Warzone and Gypsy Jazz.

Harris: Trying to find new ways to practice and keep myself motivated. But I released Guinness the Cat by Little Harris so I’m happy.

We’ve spoken a little about how you’re writing during lockdown, can you tell us about anything about the new music we can expect from Springs?

Didds: It’s us, but the us that isn’t out yet. It’s annoying, we released two chilled songs and that’s what people associate us with, we are so much more than that. It’s fresh and it’s fast-paced and it’s gonna f*ck everyone’s opinion of us. We don’t want to be just another indie band. We’re so much more than “indie”.

Joe: It’s going to change everything associated with us.

Harris: It’s going to be sick!

If you had a cocktail (or mocktail…) named after you, what would it be?

Didds: I change my identity every week so I can’t keep up with myself.

Joe: Virgin (Southern Comfort and Kopperberg)

Harris: Tequila Sunrise

If you were to have a tattoo based on one of your songs what would it be?

Didds: I’ve already got a tattoo of our song “romantic fool” but I want the 3:17 clock behind my ear.

Joe: The 3:17 clock I’d get tattooed. We were going to get matching tour tattoos but our tour got cancelled so it’ll have to wait.

Harris: Something to do with Desire, it’s my favourite of mine.

Imagine that there is a documentary being made about you as a band, who is playing each of you, and what song is the soundtrack?

Didds: Evan Peters, I get told I look like him all the time. Our unreleased song Blue, or Robbers by The 1975

Joe: Andrew Garfield, my mum said I look like him 😂 Song: Desire

Harris: Adam Sandler 😂 Song wise, definitely Guinness The Cat

People are listening to a lot of music to get them through lockdown! What are each of your go-to songs at the moment?

Didds: The whole of the new 1975 album, it’s f*cking immense. And a lot of country, Zac Brown Band for me.

Joe: The Warzone loading menu.

Harris: David Shawty, the guy that blew up on Tik Tok.

In an industry where upcoming musicians rely so much on doing gigs, do you want to shout out any bands/creatives in the local scene who our readers should check out?

Didds: The Pines are doing bits at the moment so check them out! Stay at home and die always, We stan fellow emo revivalists

Joe: I do a podcast called InTimeUK which I’m doing a lot of work on so check that out! And stream Little Harris.

Harris: Shoutout to Bimm for connecting me with the boys. It’s cringe but f*ck it.

Thank you to the lovely Springs for catching up with me and I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about them and their music! You can find them on their socials over on Instagram and Facebook and you can listen to their latest single, Uncool, on Spotify below.