Rowlette: Coffee Hill Sessions

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Rowlette has brought live music back to lockdown with two new tracks in collaboration with Shane Steven, ‘Nostalgic’ and ‘Runaway’.

The first track off Coffee Hill Sessions, mastered by Nick Murphy is ‘Nostalgic’; upbeat and colourful guitar harmonies from Shane, with Rowlette providing the storytelling and expressive vocals. Rowlette spoke about the influence for the track, “I was walking home one evening on a dull, windy day, and got this overwhelming sense of calmness. It kind of reminded me, if you take things moment by moment, they’re not so bad. Worrying about the future is as futile as longing for the past.”  ‘Nostalgic’ brings bluesy folk melodies and a raw, collaborative ‘live’ feel that we’ve definitely missed over lockdown.
‘Runaway’, the second track feels more reflective and introspective with close vocal harmonies and chilled out guitar backing. With day-dreaming elements and intertwining vocals from both Rowlette and Shane Steven, this track provides a chilled out contrast to ‘Nostalgic’.
Talking about the collaboration Shane explains “While we don’t get to play together often, we both adore the art of playing live and really miss it.  Sharing this is the closest thing we can get to it for a while, so we thought why not!”

You can find Rowlette over on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and collaborator Shane Steven on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen to the session over on Spotify below: