Quentin: Inside Secrets

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Secrets is the latest release by Huddersfield quirky three-piece, Quentin. Made up of  Evan Martin (guitar and vocals), Hezekiah Tacardon (drums and vocals) and Patrick Spence-Lewis (bass and keyboard) this band’s jazzy and unique sound brings a new excitement to the indie scene.

Secrets is the final track of a self-produced trilogy; made up of previous singles ‘Make Way’ and ‘Ride at ’55” and is described by Quentin as a track to “get your funk on.” 

On first listen, the track it reminded me of the sound world of early Arctic Monkeys; the intro a single line of guitar riff; an infectious tune later to be taken up by the vocalist, drummer, Hez. The relatively chill vibe of the guitars and harmony brings focus to the lyrics, honest yet somewhat jarring: lyrics which you really want to understand, yet simultaneously are content with the knowledge you may not. 

keep your secrets hidden in your chest love, don’t bluff sleep’s the only remedy to rest our messed up, likeness for each other, don’t ya wonder, sometimes, if we’ll stay together or apart.

This is a song that could be played in an arena but still keep the intimacy as if it was being played acoustic in a bar. Quentin have appreciated ‘indie’ as an art form as opposed to just a genre and have made it their own – I look forward to seeing where they go next.

Quentin have something to say, and I think we should all listen.

You can keep up with Quentin at their socials @WeAreQuentin, and check out their Spotify profile here.