The 1975: Notes on a Conditional Form Album Review (A Sentence a Song)


Having pushed the release date back several times, the release of Notes on a Conditional Form was met with excitement and scepticism from fans and journalists alike. The 1975 are well known for always challenging the norms and conformity of music, and this album is no exception. NOACF has been met with wild discussion about the cohesion of the album, with some labelling it chaotic and random, whilst some claim it’s crucial for the progression of music.

Credits to Dean Chalkley/NME

Personally, I have always felt challenged by the way The 1975 use their art form and I thoroughly appreciate all their music. These are comments made after a first listen of the album as a whole, although of course I knew the singles well. I believe every song belongs on the album and although there are definitely songs that I vibe with more than others, it is the provocative nature of the music from The 1975 – music that incites love, hate, and arguments over the art form – that makes it so powerful. The 80 Minute record is not what I would consider ‘easy-listening’,  after I listened start to finish I felt slightly lost in the sea of different genres, styles and emotions, but Notes on a Conditional Form is for sure an album that I will be coming back to listen to time and time again.

The 1975
Start of an album with a call to action to stop our climate crisis, thank you The 1975 and Greta.

The punk child of the album.

The End (Music for Cars)
Wow that was a sudden mood change? Punk to a wash of orchestral harmonies…

Frail State of Mind
The slightly chaotic, more anxious sequel of TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME perhaps?

Song, or very long intro to The Birthday Party? Either way, beautiful.

The Birthday Party
The internet meets country and folk?

Yeah I Know
To quote my mom “this is weird.”

Then Because She Goes
Feels like a 90’s ballad, described by Matty as “just this little moment.”

Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America
The 1975 drop the electronics and take it back to the vulnerability of an acoustic guitar.

An American Tour Diary in 2”55.

Me & You Together Song
The love song of the album, honest but not generic.

I Think There’s Something You Should Know
Thought I knew where this was going then got lost at 1”26.

Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied
The 1975 meets jazz piano and gospel choir, back to quoting my mom “sounds like a Christian band from the 80s.”

Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)
Described by Healey as the “anomaly” of the record. Seems to continue something of the jazz sound from the last song.

Shiny Collarbone
Distinctive due to lack of Matty Healey, the sound took me by surprise.

If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)
The stan twitter anthem, bonus points if you’ve made a Tik Tok to it. (But definitely still a favourite).

Playing on My Mind
A folky, country inspired, slightly American duo with Phoebe Bridgers.

Having No Head
All George. From lullaby piano to disco to techno and back again.

What Should I Say
House music from The 1975 is something I didn’t expect, but I LOVE IT, kind of reminiscent of Brief Enquiry.

Bagsy Not in Net
I cried. Maybe it’s the harmonies in the strings, maybe it’s those lyrics; “do you wanna leave at the same time?”

Don’t Worry
A beautiful collaboration that just makes it more powerful somehow.

A truly special love song: the most important love song, the one to your best mates.