Interview: In Conversation with Maxx Palmer

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Maxx Palmer is the front-man of a trio from Hertfordshire. Following the release of Lost on Me earlier this year, they have recently put out Game Show – a song guaranteed to get you dancing.

Full of energy and passion, Game Show is a song that you’ll start tapping your toes to, from the first infectious guitar riff. Catchy and full of funk beats, it’s clear Maxx and his band know how to write songs that get a crowd going. A trio to catch live for sure! I got the opportunity to catch up with Maxx Palmer to learn a bit more about them, their music and what they’re doing over lockdown.

Hey! Hope you’re doing well. First up, 2020 has turned into quite a chaotic year! But to add a little positivity what has been the highlight for you so far?

Our previous single Lost on me, had been picked up by several US radio stations… I had to do interviews across the pond, that was a highlight for sure. Also, we were fortunate enough to get into the studios in January, where we recorded a handful of tracks. These are sounding great, and I can’t wait to get these out there. Some of the songs, people will recognise from our live shows in late 2019, but some are brand new! Really looking forward to getting these out there.

You recently released Game Show, how did the track come about and what’s the story behind it?

The story behind the song is how people can feel that their lives are not good enough, because of a lack of presence/followers on social media. They are concentrating too much about their instagram lives and are losing focus on the “breathe in /breathe out” simplicity of life.

The single artwork is quite striking! I’m presuming it’s based upon the “you smile just like a monkey” lyric but why did you choose it as the artwork?

Thanks! I wanted to keep the artwork theme going across the singles I have released. The artwork obviously has to have some relevance to the song, hence the monkey. I’m fortunate that my sister is a great artist, so a couple of brainstorming sessions, and this is what she came up with. It’s great to keep it in house, as we are already working on my next few releases.

How has lockdown impacted you, has it changed how you’re able to make music? What are you doing to keep reaching people with your music?

It became obvious that I would have to stream live shows to keep connected with listeners. This doesn’t even come close to playing live, but I have been enjoying it nevertheless. I streamed a live show in Johannesburg and Hanoi, which was a new one for me! Releasing a single was always part of the gameplay and I am thrilled with the reaction we have received. We have been featured across the pond again as well as being picked up by the BBC. Lockdown has also given me the opportunity to focus on writing. I have been missing my boys from the band, but we have been having a few beers over Zoom on regular occasions.

If there was a movie made of your life, who would play you, what would be the genre and what would be the soundtrack?

Seeing what a good job Johnny Depp did of basing his character on Keith Richards in POC, I would have to say Johnny Depp… but a young one… 🤔 It would have to be a comedy/drama and the soundtrack would have to be The Doors, LA Woman.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure song?

Nilsson – Lime in the coconut.

If one of your lyrics from any of your songs (released or unreleased) was to be your life motto, which would it be?

“Create, corrupt and contemplate your fate”.

Finally, because of lockdown a lot of upcoming artists are struggling to get recognition, do you want to shout out any of your fellow creatives that we should check out?

Check out my little sister Ebony Palmer on Soundcloud. Definitely worth checking out.

Thank you to the lovely Maxx Palmer, if you enjoyed getting to know a little more about him, you can find Maxx and his band on socials over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and check out their latest single Game Show below: