lockdown loft with Polar States

With so many of us stuck inside and so many concerts and events cancelled or postponed the music scene is unsurprisingly taking a hit. However, bands and musicians are turning even more so to digital media in order to connect with fans and put out content. 

One band that has gone beyond the scope of an occasional Instagram live stream is Liverpool band, Polar States. The band are sending fans stripped back covers and new songs through a closed WhatsApp group every night at 8pm GMT, then chatting and sharing day to day thoughts. Whilst it could have been imagined the fan base would have struggled during this time, it is in fact thriving from new content and community. Demos have included new music as well as old favourites no longer available on the internet, and have proven an exciting talking point about how the songs were written and what they mean to both the fans and the band members.

Polar States have countlessly shown how they treat their fan base like a large, dysfunctional, but beautiful family, and as they grow the connection between the band and their supporters never ceases to feel personal. With new music on the way, we can remain excited for what the band is creating behind the scenes, and get ready to party with them when this is all over! 

If you are interested you can join the WhatsApp group here! I caught up with Polar States’ drummer Jack Sadler about what they’ve been up to during lockdown!

Lots of bands and creatives have turned to live streams and Q and As to connect with fans at this time, what inspired you to create a WhatsApp group and did you feel it was important to create a platform where you could interact on a more personal level?
As soon as the lockdown started we knew that we wanted to do something to help people connect with each other. It’s easy to feel detached right now, so meeting new people who are experiencing the same things can really give a sense of normality. We also really missed sending out our demos on Instagram and receiving an instant reaction, so we felt it was time to bring that back in a slightly different way.  

What is your favourite demo that you have shared so far?
My highlights are definitely The Day the Music Died, Safe House, 2020 and Nightbus, I don’t think I’m capable of picking just one. We have some really special stuff we haven’t shared yet, maybe one of those will take the top spot! 

What does day to day life look like for you at the moment? Especially as you currently aren’t able to meet as a band!
Daily life right now is really structured, which is a very strange feeling for me. You get used to getting in at 4am from gigs etc, so structure is hard to come by. It’s not bothered me that much before, but it’s a noticeably different way of going about things, I feel seriously focused which is something I really hope I can keep up. We’ve been working on a lot of music remotely which is a blessing really, I dread to think what this would’ve been like without us all being able to make demos at home. We’ve been sending them around between ourselves, our manager, and our producer, and working out the best thing to do with them. Other than that a lot of cooking (I make a mean stuffed pepper now), learning Photoshop, and just generally trying to stay sane by keeping busy. 

What are you listening to during lockdown?
Loads of stuff actually, Sam Fender, the new Harry Styles album and My Bloody Valentine have all been on quite a bit, I’ve also started really getting into The Beatles, didn’t see that one coming, I’ve not been a huge fan before. 

What will you take away from these experiences and do you think there’s anything the music industry can learn from it?
Definitely the ability that we have as a band to bring people together, it’s easy to underestimate that, but it’s really powerful when you think of how it can grow with the band. I think the music industry has been forced to innovate in order to survive, which is always healthy in my opinion. It means ideas that would’ve usually been dismissed are actually given a chance, and a positive change will definitely come from that, I’m not sure what it’ll be, but I’m convinced something good will happen. 

Finally, what can we expect from Polar States when this is over?
We’re obviously really excited to play live again, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that excites me even more, but it’s way too soon to say any more on that! I think we’re definitely in a good position as a band right now to make something that really means a lot to us on the other side of all this.

You can check out Polar States on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and take a listen to their music on their Spotify below!

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