lockdown loft with Forts Like Vana


Since lockdown began, Forts Like Vana have been staying positive and connected with fans. They’ve been putting on wild Instagram live streams, and entertaining fans with Q and As. The band who are currently working on their debut album with Hutchdown Records recently performed at BloomFest 2020 Live Concert, proving so popular that they got asked back to close the night. Forts Like Vana are ones to watch. I caught up with the lads to see how they are dealing with social distancing, and what they’re getting up to. You can also check out the interview from when we chatted this time last year here!

Hello! How are you doing?
Hey! We’re just hanging out, thanks for talking with us.

What’s the outbreak like in Nashville? What does day to day life look like for you at the moment?
Our day to day routine has done a 180 turn on us. We were traveling around every week working on our debut album when all this broke out. So now we’re just all stuck at home together writing new music and messing around. It feels like nothing has changed for us.

How are you keeping connected with your fans?
We’re trying to do a ton of live streams and talking to as many of them as possible. Our DMs are nothing but chaos so it’s getting tougher and tougher to communicate with everyone like we used to be able to. So now live streams and comments are the best way to talk to us cause then we can respond back right away.

Have you got any messages for your fans who are currently social distancing or stuck at home?
We’ve gotten a ton. We’re thinking about everyone and hoping that they’re staying healthy and positive during this weird time. Shit, 2020 is off to a wild start, right?

I think everyone is getting a little bored of lockdown, what are your top 3 most recently listened to tracks/albums?
We’ve been playing a lot of new records because everyone is dropping things left and right currently so it’d be tough to name them all. Most of our nights consist of 70s rock while we play cards and have a few beers. Right now I’m listening to Stone Temple Pilots.

Let’s talk, band tattoos?
Logan got a FLV tattoo on his arm and now more and more people are getting it too. So we highly recommend doing that because it looks great. People who get band tats should get like a free tour shirt or something for the dedication.

How’s the record going? Any exclusive info?
The record is sounding really dope. We’re really capturing our sound with each song and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We’re currently picking which tunes to shoot videos for and each one is going to showcase who we are. Honestly, that’s all we can give away because we don’t want to spoil anything.

Finally, what can we expect from Forts Like Vana when this is all over?
When this is all over you can expect to see us finishing the album and videos. Because so many shows have been cancelled and postponed, we’ll have to make our tour plans nothing but wild so we ca come see everyone!

You can check out Forts Like Vana on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and of course check out their music below!

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