‘Grace’ the Latest Self-Produced Single from Nate Adamson

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Vancouver born, Nate Adamson, has taken influences from singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, and contemporary rock bands like Kings of Leon to create his self-produced single, Grace. Released back in 2020, this timeless track is performed single-handedly by Adamson at his home studio. Mellow & melodic electric guitar lines combine with laid back lyrics to create a chilled-out atmospheric track, with added acoustic guitar creating the alt-country sound unique to the Canadian artist.

Written as a song-form letter to his future children about following their dreams, Grace provides an emotional yet hopeful musical accompaniment to the current climate. Adamson‘s authentic and heartfelt writing is evident throughout the track and writing about the process he said:

“I’ve really struggled with mental health issues since I was a kid. Over this last year, it really took over my life and writing these songs was kind of the only thing to get me out of feeling low.”

You can find Nate Adamson on Instagram and check out Grace below: