Elephant Talk kicks off a String of 2020 Releases with It’s Not Really Over.

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Elephant Talk aka Courtney Askew-Conti has just released a new single, It’s Not Really Over. Inspired by perseverance and getting over self doubt, and written at the peak of lockdown, this song creates an atmospheric combination of soft indie harmony and a soundtrack to Blue Planet. Courtney spent a lot of time listening to Ocean footage which the song developed from and this clearly also hugely influenced the cover art! The YouTube artwork of an Elephant Talk themed, underwater ALDI, although unusual, I think adds a characterful twist.  

As soon as It’s Not Really Over begins, with a lengthy introduction – around half a minute – it feels as if you’ve stepped into an aquarium, albeit one with funky drum and bass beat going on in the corner. 

The sound world of Elephant Talk fuses electronica, indie and dreamy house and you can definitely hear these influences in It’s Not Really Over. The mellow vocals combined with sustained electronic harmony just wash over you as a listener, if this song was without lyrics it would remind me of music one could meditate to, but the relaxing, wavey backing definitely adds emphasis to the vocal lines. I found It’s Not Really Over had the same thoughtful, sound focused approach to some of the latest tracks from The 1975 and I’m excited to see what Elephant Talk has planned for the rest of the year!

You can find Elephant Talk on their socials over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and check out It’s Not Really Over on Spotify below.