CBSO Youth Ambassador – Big Decisions and Thrill of The New

The last few weeks have been big for the Youth Ambassadors as we’ve had to make some major decisions. We had a really good second meeting. We met with the events manager to chat about what we want to do surrounding the concert; we spoke about sponsors, guest lists and the importance of not being a WOMBAT (waste of money, business and time). The head of marketing also came to speak to us about how we want to advertise our concert. We also finalised what repertoire we want to use in the concert, which is now being discussed by the CBSO planning team, it’s all looking really exciting.

As a Youth Ambassador I also attended the Thrill of the New concert on Thursday (17/10). This was part of the CBSO’s centenary celebrations and featured lots of new music, ranging from Steve Reich’s Clapping Music to Thomas Adès Powder Her Face: Suite. This was such a different concert and it was a shame to see it hadn’t sold as well as perhaps they would have liked; however the crowd seemed enthused and engaged especially when we got to join in playing Reich’s Clapping Music with the CBSO (not everyone can tick that off their bucket-list can they!).

The programme had a great mix of music and the use of a presenter and audio visuals made the unheard of pieces far more accessible; I personally really liked being guided through the music as there was plenty I hadn’t heard of and yet I left feeling I knew all I needed to know and really enjoyed the experience. The CBSO performed snippets of some of the pieces during which presenter, Paul Rissman, would explain what we were hearing – it was both informative and super engaging! There were definitely some giggles along the way as we delved into this ‘new’ music; when a picture of Jacob Rees-Mogg asleep appeared on the screen and the rhythm for Reich was described as “Do you think Boris dyes his hair” – have a go yourself!:

Overall, it was a really good concert and gave an insight into how amazing new music is; the more relaxed format with a presenter – and notably a dress code of concert blacks not tails really complimented the more unusual programme. It definitely gave us youth ambassadors lots of ideas for our concert and a lot to talk about at our next meeting!

Thank you for reading! Check out the Youth Takeover Concert that we are organising HERE! It’d be lovely to see you there.

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