CBSO Youth Ambassadors – Haydn & Mozart

We’ve been super busy as CBSO Youth Ambassadors recently, it’s now just over a month until the concert (YIKES) and so lots of things are finally falling into place. We are very happy to announce that the concert is called CBSO: A Vision of the Future, and will feature music by Shostakovich, Gershwin, Anna Meredith and Mason Bates among others. We are super excited, so if you haven’t booked tickets you can here!

We’ve finalised the programme, we are currently working on promotional material and the pre concert event preparation is well under way, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

My latest CBSO concert was watching the Haydn and Mozart concert at Symphony Hall, I’ve been excited about this concert since the CBSO 19/20 season was announced, as it featured Strauss’ Duett-Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon. I was really happy to see quite a few groups of young people at the concert, including a few college music groups. Maybe it was a useful concert for A Level Music preparation or something, but still got plenty people into the concert hall who may not regularly!

The concert was really engaging, with classical repertoire from Haydn, Mozart (you’d have never guessed from the title), Beethoven and of course Strauss. The accompanying programme notes were informative and interesting, however I noticed that a lot of people came in groups and didn’t buy programmes so they wouldn’t have had access to the information which may have made it less accessible. However it was a really good evening, and as a clarinettist, and woodwind player I was very proud of Oli (Clarinet) and Nikolaj (Bassoon)!


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