CBSO Youth Ambassadors – Choral Christmas

My final CBSO concert of 2019 (and in fact of this decade!) was CBSO, a Choral Christmas. I took a group of friends to the concert as part of our Youth Ambassador ticket scheme – it was so interesting to see how people reacted to the concert, especially as it was a different format and style than the usual CBSO concerts due to it being lots of carols and Christmassy music!!

My friends found it really useful to have a presenter to talk them through the programme as they felt it kept their interest more and helped them know what was going on, Hugh Dennis was presenting (the dad from Outnumbered!!) so it was scattered with jokes and entertaining poetry readings which doubled how engaging the concert was.

We got to join in with some of the carols, which resulted in me realising I knew none of the lyrics (this is where the programme was very useful, and all my friends read it, which they haven’t in previous concerts!), we can now say we have officially sang with the CBSO, no context needed…


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